Fighting terror a bit too far

I’m all for fighting terror, but this seems too much of a “Big Brother” item to me..

FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping –
CLARKSBURG, West Virginia (CNN) — The FBI is gearing up to create a massive computer database of people’s physical characteristics, all part of an effort the bureau says to better identify criminals and terrorists.

The FBI wants to use eye scans, combined with other data, to help identify suspects.

But it’s an issue that raises major privacy concerns — what one civil liberties expert says should concern all Americans.

News from Pakistan

As I write, Fox News has reported on camera, if not online, that Benazir Bhutto is dead. I have been watching for just under an hour during which she has gone from having escaped from the bomb blast at her rally with no injuries, to having died in hospital of the injuries she had allegedly not received. The art department at Fox News has already got some basic portraits up with birth and death years under her face. Smoke is rising from the Photoshop machines there in the newsroom.

How fast things can happen. How hard it is to be a woman in politics in a country that loves to use women as doormats.

How Arafat Got Away with Murder

This would be just the one instance here, out of how many, one wonders. Now that he is dead, can all of his bad acts be listed out?

How Arafat Got Away with Murder
Twenty years before he joined Bill Clinton and Yitzhak Rabin in Washington for that famous handshake–and proceeded to become Clinton’s most frequent foreign guest at the White House–Yasser Arafat planned and directed the murder of an American ambassador and his deputy chief of mission. From the first moment of the deadly operation, which took place in Khartoum on March 1, 1973, the State Department possessed direct evidence of Arafat’s responsibility, yet neither the State Department nor any other government agency made public its knowledge. Indeed, as recently as the summer of 2002, the State Department denied that such evidence existed. Across seven administrations, the State Department hewed to silence and denial.

Good news out of Europe

A friendly insomniac tells us that the Dutch government is trying to lay down some proper rules….

An Insomniac: Pro-drugs, pro-prostitution, pro-euthanasia, but anti-burka
The Dutch government, currently dominated by a right-leaning coalition, is looking to criminalise face coverings in order to outlaw the wearing of the Muslim burka. Nice to see it’s not just our lot who suffer from authoritarian-leanings.

With thanks to Dave Hill.