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Holiday greetings


December 23, 2014 || 2:32 PM Where I am: Starbucks. What I am contemplating: the habit we have (well, lots of people who are not me) of greeting people with the phrase “Are you ready for Christmas?” We are supposed to be, at this time, overwhelmed with the production of A Holiday and there are endless ways to keep busy. To do something more. It is defeat, and a sign of your weak character, to say […]

Notice. Enough.


Notice A notice two days ago that a friend had just died. A need on my part to work her memory and her passing into whatever word presents itself to me. Remembering how she radiated energy into a whole room full of people, a smile that was impossible not to notice. Notice how things can go wrong, and go wrong fast. Notice how much time I have not got left either — I could have another fifty years and […]