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Free Will Astrology : Pisces Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope for week of December 30, 2004

Pisces (February 19-March 20)
A study at McGill University concluded that moms and dads who launch screaming fights in front of their kids may actually be helping them. Listening to their parents yelling often makes children more imaginative because it forces them into a fantasy world to escape. Can you think of similar reversals in your own life, Pisces–difficult events that have ultimately served you? The coming year will be an ideal time to redeem these gifts from the past. Be constantly on the lookout for ways you can use old traumas and setbacks as sources of inspirational power.

So Peter and I were downstairs in the basement last night, playing a few friendly mother-son hands of poker. “Hey Mom,” he said, “isn’t this great? I mean, we’re not watching television…”

“Yeah,” I agree with him and smile.

“…being corrupted by all of those commercials…”


At least I brought him up with a sense of humor. He said we had to keep playing, though, till one of us was out, so we eventually made one hand a winner–take–all, which he won. He was quite proud of himself.

“Mom,” he told me a few days ago, “you know, I’d think your math skills would be a really big help to you in this game.”

I simply sighed. I didn’t want to have to explain to him that every single one of my mathematical skills told me not to play poker, that all gambling games are set up so that the house always wins, in the end at least.

But the joys of motherhood outweigh the practicalities of the Art of Probability, and even Blaise Pascal (who invented probability, after having been asked by a rather dissolute friend of his some simple questions regarding the likelihood of winning at certain games) would have to give me that one.

Sometimes, I even play darts with him, too. The kid, not Pascal.

It’s over a week, I’m told, since our deluge of snow. My poor car is still huddled inside of its snow drift. Buck and I have been “sharing” his car since I’ve been back from upstate NY, if you count “sharing” as convincing him to chauffeur me from place to place at his convenience. Oh, I miss my car, and it’s right out there.

How snowy is it here? I thought you’d never ask… This is the front door of Chez Pebble, yesterday:

snow at home

And, wait! That’s not all! As an extra added bonus, you get a picture of Lucy (on the left) and Beeper R. Kat! Just hanging out together… that’s what they do.

Lucy and Beeper

I have commandeered my husband’s car, since mine still looks a whole lot like a snow drift. He drove both me and Beeper the Orange Cat to the vet’s this morning to have her nose looked at… she’s been getting bloody noses constantly.

Vet says, possible polyp. I may even have to — get this! — get a CAT scan for my CAT!!! I may actually insist on the procedure since it would be priceless to be able to tell that to people. She’s got her amoxycillin and nose drops. My wonderful husband tried to shovel the vet’s driveway a bit, but the snow has hardened into a concrete-like substance.

Must go read!


MSNBC – An Earth-friendly Christmas tree
The Original Living Christmas Tree Company founded by John Fogel, 39, has rented out 419 Christmas trees this holiday season, starting at $55 for a 7-foot Douglas fir.


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