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broken clay pot with clover

broken clay pot with clover (Photo credit: pberry041655)

An old story says that when God first let his light shine in the chaos of the new universe, the universe shattered wherever the light came in. And so we live in a shattered world and life is a constant effort to glue the pieces of the world back together.

But it’s by dealing with the cracks that I grow. I learn from my failures in everything from studying math to learning again and again how to be a mother — this time, how to be a mother to a young man who has now a wife and home of his own.

Possibly the strangest lesson that I have learned from gluing the bits of my life together into a whole is that the cracks between pieces, the cracks where the glue is, are the most valuable. Tikkun: an old Hebrew word for this repairing, is what keeps the world going from day to day. It is how I learn that being what I am is enough.

Like Leonard Cohen said,

“There is a crack in everything — that’s how the light gets in.”

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- Abraham is considered to be the first Jew, because he was kicked out of the house.

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How to think of the believers in the ersatz Rapture? I feel sorry for them, but only a little bit. They’re adults and entitled to make ridiculous spiritual choices. I’ve made a few of those myself.

Ridicule? It’s so very hard not to. And there are, of course, serious things going on all the time that actually require our attention and efforts; the tornado in Joplin MO is the first thing that comes to mind.

What I am left with, though, is worry for those whose lives were damaged by the people who believed in the nonsense rapture: the children of those people who spent their college funds on billboard signs, the mother who didn’t make plans for the baby she is about to have and whom she thought she would never see.

I wish there was a way to hold people responsible when their idiocy damages others.

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Well, nothing’s happening here in Ohio yet.

98 Percent Of Catholic Women Use Birth Control Banned By Church.


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