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- Abraham is considered to be the first Jew, because he was kicked out of the house.

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A major objection I have always had about Christianity and Catholicism is their constant attempts to shove their beliefs down the throats of those who believe otherwise. In the following, it’s blatantly obvious that the bishops were taking advantage of a good-faith effort by Jewish leaders.

NEW YORK – Major Jewish groups and rabbis from the three largest branches of American Judaism said Thursday that their relationship with Roman Catholic leaders is at risk because of a recent U.S. bishops’ statement on salvation.

Jewish groups said they interpret the new document to mean that the bishops view interfaith dialogue as a chance to invite Jews to become Catholic. The Jewish leaders said they “pose no objection” to Christians sharing their faith, but said dialogue with Jews becomes “untenable” if the goal is to persuade Jews to accept Christ as their savior.

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This is the meaning of a Jew and Judaism, the very meaning of the word: To live in a state of sustained wonder. To know that there are things beyond human grasp. That the very existence of anything at all is beyond knowing. And then to strive to know.

— Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Wow, you leave one of your favorite authors alone for a sec, and, just behind your back, this happens. » Elie Wiesel’s assailant apologizes
The trial of the man who tried to kidnap Elie Wiesel to “force” him to recant his Holocaust testimony has begun with an apology.

Yes, this is definite schizophrenia, in my very non-professional opinion.

But follow the link… some students fight back. There is hope yet! Evidently not all Californians are Nazis, yet.

Solomonia: Students Confronting Apartheid in Israel at Stanford?
Some students are pushing back: Op-Ed: What apartheid is and is not


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