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If I were going somewhere very far away, just for the sake of its being very far away, where would I go?

Then again, I don’t feel like driving to the airport. It’s not too early for the massive contradictions to be manifest.

How to Spot a Scam: 7 Questions To Ask Before Buying | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice. ( #travel)

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Taj Mahal

Buck and I visit the Taj Mahal


Apropos of nothing (well, okay, the suggestion), I dug back in the iPhoto archives and found this sitting somewhere buried in time (2005, in fact). Buck and I were visiting India, and I think tourists are not allowed to leave the country without visiting Agra and the Taj Mahal.

Earlier, we had seen New Delhi and traveled north on the Jammu Mail (a bit like a real life version of The Darjeeling Express) to Dharamsala and the Dalai Lama’s home.

I was overwhelmed by the vastness of India: here we are in this picture, nearly beaten to the ground from the intense heat that is common in Agra in the summer. A few days earlier, I was cold and gasping for breath in Dharamsala and the Himalayan foothills. In that town, your altitude can change about a thousand meters either way without you having to go outside of the city limits. One also shares the road with numerous people and barnyard animals, bicycles, motor scooters, and a series of potholes so thorough and complete that you wonder that motor traffic is allowed in the area at all. I also discovered that it is quite possible in Dharamsala to have a traffic jam involving one car.

I have some good pictures of the Himalayan foothills, but those can go in another post.

Even though I can’t use it for its main purpose, my iPhone has gotten much use here in London for its picture-taking capabilities. [Aside -- it can also be used to play Angry Birds with on the Underground, but that wasn't me -- that was the guy sitting next to me. Honest!]



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