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Some have called Mila’s Daydreams the cutest site on the internet. That depends on your taste, of course, but we liked “Nirvana”:

[Image: Adele Klo/Mila's Daydreams]

via Tricycle » Baby Nirvana.

… Is the fact that I am furiously (mostly) typing away on my new blog project: Me and Shakespeare.

Read along with me.

Go look it up and help them celebrate!

A.Word.A.Day –infundibuliform:


I can’t help it: I have to change the theme of this blog around to something new every once in a while. Today’s new theme is called Thesis and promises much customizability. Is that a word? I hope so.

What is in store for the rest of my Friday: lunch with a few of my cousins. Two of my cousins, John and Tom (John from Mom’s side of the family, Tom from Dad’s), and I were thick as the proverbial thieves when we were all in high school. A few years ago, Tom had the magnificent idea of getting us all back together again. Since then, we have gotten together every month or two. We recently gathered cousin Stella into the fold, and we continue to hold out hope that our spouses will join us.

Until then, I continue to obsess about our terribly cold weather today. The sun is out and shining — I should get over it and enjoy the day.


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