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Just browsed through this post and was hit with a wave of nostalgia…

“For over a thousand generations blogs were fun, personal hangouts on the Old Internet. Before niche markets. Before ROI. Before pageviews. Before the dark times.”

via Introducing Fanny Pack Mafia | 52 Tiger.

Siri Says: The Unofficial Siri Blog.

Oh this is what I’ve been looking for. I love my Siri!

Well, I am getting the poems, many of them, nicely settled into their new home on a night kitchen. The ones that are already here in the “my poems” section of the blog will stay here as well.

Poems can bilocate. That is something that is fascinating to me this early in the morning. Yes, I know it’s just past nine, but these things are relative. The humidity and pollen in the air combine to sap my energy.

But what I also meant to say is this: my new poems, the ones that I am creating now, go over to a night kitchen and will likely not be found on this blog.

There’s a new one now. Go see.

My re-mapping of the white-pebble domain has worked. I have not even caused any device anywhere, at or, or even at my own home, to emit smoke and require an expensive service call. I am therefore quite pleased with myself, and am figuring out what would be a suitable way to celebrate. I can’t think of one yet.

The blogroll needs to be redone. Will go work on that.

Yes, it’s the 18th and this is my very first post of the year. Post of the decade, actually. I believe that it is customary to apologize, but I don’t feel very apologetic. No, not snarky either. More of a what now type and time of questioning.

This blog is an amazing time machine for myself. Also, there are the typical surprises: where I was, what I thought. Who I was. I don’t know if you can be properly amazed at your life at the age of 53 — is that too young? Too old? And do I want to do the daily navel-gazing? That last thing can be most unseemly (is there a better word for that?) when done in public, especially for a very long time.

Now I feel the desire to write again. I’d like to give myself at least an idea of where I’m going here and now, but I don’t seem to have one of those.

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