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The house of Mork & Mindy is officially a pilgrimage site. There aren’t great crowds hanging around, but there is a steady stream of people coming and going and leaving flowers and mementos. I think that Robin Williams actually erased the boundaries between fiction and reality.

+ high-res version

Lunch at Chipotle #1. The last dregs of the lunch crowd were finishing up. The snow storm now falling was still on its way so the lighting in the room wasn’t as relentlessly gray as it is right now.

When I look out the window now, I can only take the existence of the Flatirons on faith.

So here I am again in the wonderful People’s Republic of Boulder (do they still call it that?) (Nobody tells me anything.) It is, as you might imagine, freezing. The temperatures these past days when we have been here are in what I like to term the basement of the world. When I last asked Siri, it was 5°. I do not want to talk to Siri any more for a while.

That’s the basement — figuratively. We have no actual basement here. We have a storage cage in the parking area which we lend to our neighbors because we haven’t accumulated enough stuff to need it, though I do try my best.

There has been some accumulation of frozen precipitation, but not enough to call it snow by Boulder’s standards, and definitely not enough for the people in the ski resorts to the west to call it snow. Time now for me to be pleased at not having added skiing to my sports, inasmuch as I have sports. Is Pilates a sport? Here it is.

+ high-res version

Snow chairs. Yes, the snow here in Boulder really is this deep.


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