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One thing that I have learned this past week, when I have been busy not posting to the blog, is that Boulder has to be the capital of sushi-making in the world. I think that we here have to have more sushi restaurants per capita than, say New York City.

Our current favorite sushi restaurant is Sushi Zanmai. We have been there for dinner the past two nights. They make a lovely Kobe beef sushi, and I must have eaten them out of their stock of Kobe beef. We sit at the sushi counter so we can keep an eye out on our food while it’s being made.

I also love this city because I’m believing this place is imbuing me with health. I look and feel healthier than I looked and felt before the cancer diagnosis. I figure that that’s a good thing no matter how you look at it.

Tea is coming, and then I decide on a yoga class. Yoga helps me to write; at least, that’s the story that I’m going with now.

(ps: that’s not my own picture at the top… I’m trying a new service called tagaroo.)

It’s a very busy thing, this not having of electrical power. It gives you a full day’s agenda.

Sometimes, I wish I ┬álived in NYC…

Overheard in New York | If You Liked Waiting for Godot, You’ll Love This Quote
Little kid: Who is you? Who is you? Who is you? Who is you? Who. Is. You?!?!?!?!
Woman: Does it matter?

–Knickerbocker Ave.

Overheard by: anonymous

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If it takes a village to raise a child, then it certainly take a small town, if not a city, to get someone through cancer treatment.

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This is one of many pictures from my recent trip. I took this from a bridge crossing one canal in the city of Delft, where they make the famous china.


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