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I am in here.

Yes, the earphones worked just fine when I went back to the coffee house. I spent a good hour and ten minutes working and listening to Celer’s Tightrope. And came to the conclusion that I prefer writing on my porch while watching the ivy grow and posting pictures here to remember when it’s winter time.


Why I need a new coffee house Yesterday afternoon, I came to the conclusion that I need a new coffee house to frequent. This thought came to me while I was actually sitting in the coffee house aforementioned. No, the hot caffeinated (and cold caffeinated) beverages are of the same good quality as ever, as […]

So, everybody needs coffee, right?

Lookout Joe Cincinnati, OH, Mount Lookout Coffee Roasters.

February 28, 2013

Yesterday, Boxcar Coffee

November 26, 2012


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