I want too many things.

For instance, this little item…

A coffee mug for Helvetica lovers:
Helvetica, the typeface everyone loves to hate—and hates to love—now has its very own coffee cup. Austere but oh so cute and clever.

Helvetica Coffee Mug

You can get it for $18 bucks at Veer. Also, don’t forget to check out the Helvetica film.

Too bad, I don’t drink coffee. :-(

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  • quiet … read and write and think #
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Twitter Updates for 2007-08-25

  • Waking up with the absurd notion that today will be purposeful and well-lived. #
  • Contemplating a former "friend" whom I’ve had to chuck out the window, so to speak. Why do I so often end up friends with con artists? #
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  • is listening to "Endless Quest" by Enigma from "The Screen Behind the Mirror" #
  • Trying to find a movie good enough to go to. #
  • lunch at Dushanbe teahouse in Boulder #

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new ways to find me

I have, against all common sense, signed up at both twitter and tumblr. The links are, as of this writing, up there on the left, underneath my email address picture.

I must be more addicted to this place than I had thought!

Home (Navdeeps Pressure Mix) from the album “Redesign – Realize Remixed” by Karsh Kale

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Words of One Syllable Dept.

I couldn’t resist the title on this one. It also seems to be a useful article in its own right.

Design Better with CRAP – lifehack.org

All design starts from four basic principles, abbreviated as CRAP (they come in no particular order, so the more squeamish can rearrange them to form “CARP”, if you like. I’d advise against “PCRA”, though…). These are Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity.

I've turned into a techno-sheep

I couldn’t help it. Well, I could have, but I didn’t want to. So there.

What I did: along with all the other gadget lovers of the Western hemisphere (i.e. techno-sheep), I am now the proud owner of an iPhone. It works, and I love it, and I shall probably be spending many hours during the next few days playing with all of the programs.

Loving something that the industrial designers and engineers at Apple knew I would love makes me a little disappointed in myself. I had hoped that one day, I would be the great contrarian shining beacon in the night, valiantly campaigning against some tempting but wrongheaded trend.

I figure that I’ll have to wait for the next trend to come by. So much for willpower.

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Yet another reason to be glad I run OSX

From The Cult of Mac… Shut Down in Vista: Nine Choices:

Every couple of years Microsoft will come forward and really make the play that they’ve learned from past experiences, and they finally have gotten religion with user-centered design. Well, allow Joel Spolsky to differ on that point.

You see, in creating the shut-down feature for Windows Vista, MS has thrown nine, count them, NINE, choices in to the mix. In addition to two icons representing power-off and lock, users get to go with “Switch User,” “Log Off,” “Lock,” “Restart,” “Sleep,” “Hibernate” or “Shut Down.” Oh, yeah, that’s exactly what people have been begging for.

Choice = Headaches [Joel on Software]
Via BusinessWeek

Meet my new pet!

Well, something to put on the wish list, anyway….

Baby albino giant salamanders in Hiroshima:

Albino Japanese Giant Salamanders --

A pair of baby albino Japanese Giant Salamanders (Andrias japonicus) discovered this past spring in a mountainous area of Hiroshima prefecture are being kept at Hiroshima’s Asa Zoo for the purpose of ecological research. The two specimens were found along with three other albino salamanders at the same location.

The Japanese Giant Salamander, which can grow up to 140 cm (4 ft. 8 in.) long and live for up to 80 years, is an endangered species that has been officially designated one of Japan’s living national treasures. Young Japanese Giant Salamanders typically have black skin that develops into a mottled brown and black with age, and the occurrence of albinos is extremely rare. The discovery of a group of albino Japanese Giant Salamanders is unprecedented.

The salamanders were discovered in a mountain stream near the town of Kitahiroshima when farmers were diverting water to their fields. A sandy area became exposed as the water level fell, revealing a group of thirty salamander larvae, five of which were albinos.

Chie Ashikaga, a zookeeper with 35 years of experience in raising Japanese Giant Salamanders, says, “I’ve never heard of anyone finding five albinos together. This is due either to environmental changes or to genes passed on by one of their albino parents. With many mysteries surrounding the Japanese Giant Salamander, these specimens might give us a better understanding of the ecology.”

Asa Zoo will place the albinos on public display beginning October 21.

[Source: Asahi Shimbun]