white pebble

I am in here.

quiet … read and write and think # ah, the future of music…. :P http://urltea.com/1i7k # is listening to "Harmonic Necklace" by Penguin Cafe Orchestra from "Preludes Airs & Yodels" # is listening to "Where Will You Go" by Harlem Zip Code from "Om Lounge, Vol. 9" # is listening to "Elevation" by Paul van […]

Waking up with the absurd notion that today will be purposeful and well-lived. # Contemplating a former "friend" whom I’ve had to chuck out the window, so to speak. Why do I so often end up friends with con artists? # is listening to "Missing U" by Tubbs from "Departure Lounge – World Chill" # […]


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