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It’s easy to get lost because it’s always easy to forget where you are. Lost is what you get when you’re looking at a memory of where you have been instead of looking at where you are right now. Lost is what you have when you begin to regret where you have been instead of honoring each step of your way. Lost is where you are when you begin to judge the steps of your past.

I’ve regretted a lot of the steps that I have taken in my life — currently among the top ten are the steps I took that once led me to visit Israel eight times in five years long ago. But I still have the memory of the country in my head, and I realize that I am glad that I have been there. For whatever the reason.

Five Minute Friday


… this venomous anti-Semite and Holocaust denier will never be able to play the anti-Israel card again without members of his audience sniggering. “How can you attack your own cousins?” they’ll ask. And as for Ahmadinejad’s anti-Semitic political enemies, both in Iran and the Arab world, I can tell you exactly how they will refer to him in future:


via Let’s see how Iran’s president likes being called ‘the Jew Ahmadinejad’ – Telegraph Blogs.

Yesterday, I had to send in my withdrawal notice from a certain mailing list that I have been a member of for the past few years. The reason why makes me a little sad and frustrated, along with the usual annoyance at suddenly unwanted email.

This particular mailing list has solely to do with Israel, especially foreign policy related to that country. However, in the past three or four days, I was getting letters from the list owner that can best be described with the adjectives “frothing” and “insane.”

Instead of Israel, or any topic related to that country, the list owner ran on in each letter for several very long paragraphs about how Obama is not a natural-born American citizen, and how we must all act now to prevent his inauguration. Reading these, the phrase “a mind unhinged” came to my mind.

The only way I could think of to avoid this madness was to take my address off of the list. I now have one less trustworthy news source to follow. Pity.


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