Rich people do not create jobs!


The most important reason the theory that “rich people create the jobs” is absurd, argues Nick Hanauer, the founder of online advertising company aQuantive, which Microsoft bought for $6.4 billion, is that rich people do not create jobs, even if they found and build companies that eventually employ thousands of people.

What creates the jobs, Hanauer astutely observes, is a healthy economic ecosystem surrounding the company, which starts with the companys customers.

The company’s customers buy the companys products, which, in turn, creates the need for the employees to produce, sell, and service those products. If those customers go broke, the demand for the companys products will collapse. And the jobs will disappear, regardless of what the entrepreneur does.

via Finally, A Rich American Destroys The Fiction That Rich People Create The Jobs.

Sending people Word docs in the email.


And the downside thereof.

From my Tumblelog, when silence grew too small, she spoke

Worse still, sending people Word documents is a discourtesy because it implies that if they don’t own the programs that you use, you’re not interested in whether or not they can read what you’ve written. Imagine sending a document in Latin to someone else without knowing whether or not they read Latin! If you send someone a Word document, the only way they can be sure of reading it properly is to go out and buy Microsoft Word. Not everyone can afford to do this, and millions of individuals and organisations use other word processing programs because they prefer them, or because they’re cheaper or even free.

— Reverend Father Martin Sylvester

Yet another reason to be glad I run OSX


From The Cult of Mac… Shut Down in Vista: Nine Choices:

Every couple of years Microsoft will come forward and really make the play that they’ve learned from past experiences, and they finally have gotten religion with user-centered design. Well, allow Joel Spolsky to differ on that point.

You see, in creating the shut-down feature for Windows Vista, MS has thrown nine, count them, NINE, choices in to the mix. In addition to two icons representing power-off and lock, users get to go with “Switch User,” “Log Off,” “Lock,” “Restart,” “Sleep,” “Hibernate” or “Shut Down.” Oh, yeah, that’s exactly what people have been begging for.

Choice = Headaches [Joel on Software]
Via BusinessWeek

Yet another reason to switch to Mac


Or at least switch to Firefox for your browser.

Latest Microsoft Patches causing wide spread problems.:

Ever since the security updates rolled out by microsoft this week i’ve been getting wide spread reports of problems on my site and other sites.

When users attempt to reply to a message, or use the search on my site both of which are forms IE crashes and exits. I’ve talked to other dating site owners and the same thing is happening there. Anyone know whats going on? I assume the problem only effects a small fraction of 1% but when you’ve got hundreds of thousands of users that sure adds up fast.

Moonbats aim for MSFT


I’m a die-hard OSX fan, and so have no really great love for Microsoft, but this pastor guy is nuts.

Pastor urges flock to buy, dump company stock – U.S. Business –
OLYMPIA, Wash. – A pastor who threatened a national boycott against Microsoft and other major companies for supporting a gay civil rights bill is now urging people to buy up the companies’ stock and dump it to drive prices down.

Rev. Ken Hutcherson, pastor of Antioch Bible Church in the Seattle suburb of Redmond, says he wants to use the stock market to make a political point.

But one market expert laughed at the idea. “The chances of him being successful with that are slim to none,” said Hans Olsen, chief investment officer at Bingham Legg Advisers.