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Leo Kottke at the Boulder Theater


  Streaming into the Boulder Theater And so a couple of nights ago, on an evening that was even for Boulder, Colorado, unseasonably cold, several hundred adults who all looked to be suspiciously and uniformly close to me in age converged at the entrance to the Boulder Theater for a concert by Leo Kottke and proceeded to wedge ourselves and our best woolens and goose-down into the old movie theater seats that the proprietors have […]

Music. Again, and ever more again.

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Of course, listening to the music in the previous post has started me going through an orgy of music listening, currently switching through various songs on Tommy. I sit here with eyes half glazed over with one wish moving through my mind: I wish I was a DJ. Then and only then do I remember: I was. In college, my extracurricular activity — other than Buck — was my job as a DJ at the […]

Jackie Leven and Global Warming

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And now, we finally have February like it’s supposed to be in Ohio. I have been thoroughly enjoying the global warming and its effects on the local wintertime, what with its sun and its higher than normal temperatures. Yes, I would rather it were not so, and that the average temperature of the globe was wherever it’s supposed to be. However, as long as the good weather lasts, I shall enjoy it. It did not […]

Sigur Rós: Ekki múkk (moving art)

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Sigur Rós: Ekki múkk (moving art) Current favorite band, Sigur Rós. Album Valtari being released in a few days. By the way, don’t worry if you don’t understand the lyrics. They’re in Icelandic. Related articles Sigur Rós – “Ekki Múkk” / They’re Dropping a New Album in May! ( Listen to – Sigur Ros – ‘Ekki múkk’ ( Stream: Sigur Rós – “Ekki Múkk” ( First Listen: Sigur Rós, ‘Valtari’ ( [MP3] Sigur Rós – […]