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It is two months since the presidential election, and everyone is in a seemingly pre-assigned groove. Obama making appointments to the Cabinet — it appears like an endless stream of new people giving their introductory speeches in front of the cameras, even though I know that there is only a finite number of Cabinet posts to be filled. The daughters have started school.

Bush is in hiding except for a few carefully arranged interviews on harmless topics. Book contracts with the Bush family are being signed. There has been been no evidence of presidential-type action on his part in the news that I have been watching all morning.

I am still in the rut of news-watching that I developed in the pre-election months. This in itself is good, because all involvement with the real world is good, or so they tell me.

Through all of these various streams of activity, there is a great, huge sense of suspense, of what will happen when

I wish you could fast-forward life.

And who knows, this may be my last post today. We’ll see how it goes. You might not know this, because I haven’t been posting about it, but I have, as of a few weeks ago, made my choice of candidate. A few days ago, I sent in my absentee ballot with my choice clearly marked.

And I voted for… the candidate of my choice. I just don’t want to get this blog sidetracked into messy political arguments. I don’t do those well, and there are plenty of political blogs out there who do do this sort of thing well.

So, election day might not get fully blogged about until it’s Presidential Election Day Night, the later the better. Will it be McCain or Obama? Who knows. All I know for sure is that I’m quite ready for the suspense to be over, so get out there and vote and bring my anxiety to a close!

Seriously: vote. It really is up to you.

This was exactly my opinion last night while I was watching the debate. The constant repetition of “my friends” was spooking me out, but I didn’t think anyone else had noticed it, until I read the following.

Via The Volokh Conspiracy – Dear Senator McCain:

Dear Senator McCain:

Repeatedly calling me and everyone else in the United States “my friends” is extremely annoying. In part, it’s just an irritating phrase. Beyond that, I’m not your friend. I don’t know you, and, from what I know of you, I don’t even really like you. Sorry to focus on such superficialities when the world economy is going to Hell, but you probably lost more votes with your constant repitition of “my friends” than from anything Obama said.


David B.


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