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THE RISE & FALL OF GREAT POWERS by Tom Rachman | Kirkus.

Silent History

This is not just a book — audio and pictures as well. I have only just downloaded it, so am still exploring.

It is a medical thriller / science fiction story that takes place thirty or so years in the future, and documents a growing number of young children who are born starting around 2011 and grow up never speaking.

Looks good so far.

John Green reads The Fault in our Stars

John Green reads The Fault in our Stars (Photo credit: Genevieve719)

For the overcrowded-as-it-is reading list:

It seems my first instinct when I notice that I have too much to read is to add more to the load.

+ high-res version

Yes, I am reading it again: Infinite Jest. There are so many people and things in it that the sheer density of stuff has enough mass to affect my intellectual gravity field.

There are also so many favorite quotes that I’m planning on wearing out one whole yellow pencil by the time that I reach the end of the book.

Currently vying for space in front of my eyes is 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. I hope, before I finish it, to know how to pronounce the title properly. I wish I knew Japanese…


Image by 铁蛋骑士 via Flickr

Moments after the butterfly left, Murakami came down the stairs and sat, quietly, at his dining-room table. I told him I had just seen the weirdest butterfly I had ever seen in my entire life. He took a drink from his plastic water bottle, then looked up at me. “There are many butterflies in Japan,” he said. “It is not strange to see a butterfly.”

via The Fierce Imagination of Haruki Murakami –


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