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Coffee cup_2013-06-27

I have actually completed the security steps that linked to in a previous post. I hope that Ben Brooks’ article is read widely. I’ve been hacked online and recently a friend has been hacked. This is not just something that happens to somebody else.

This is something that happens when you’re drinking your coffee or when you’re just messing around on the internet at home.

I must also say that I love the Coffee Emporium and have never had any trouble there. It just so turns out that it’s their mug that I have the picture of.

Put down your coffee cups, wherever they are from, and read the article that I referenced two days ago here.

Questions from Jason Calacanis: Is Facebook unethical, clueless or unlucky?


Questions (hit reply, or post to your blog):

1. Is Facebook clueless, unethical or just unlucky? Why?

2. Will Facebook’s latest behavior result in more lawsuits and/orindustry regulation?

3. Do you trust Facebook with your information?

via Is Facebook unethical, clueless or unlucky? « The Jason Calacanis Weblog.

1. I’d say all three: they are unlucky because they unethically adopt the clueless innocent pose in front of their users.

2. Yes on the lawsuits, because Facebook is big enough that it’s going to get lawsuits no matter what it does. However, I have seen enough outrage, and not just from Jason, that I believe this latest privacy action will result in more lawsuits on this specific subject. I am also still naive enough to hope that a few more “best practices” sorts of announcements regarding privacy might be put out by other Internet companies, specifically geared at the naive first-time user.

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Words to the wise: 20f1aeb7819d7858684c898d1e98c1bb at Holy Shmoly!


Thou shalt always guard thy password, and keep up with thy security updates!

20f1aeb7819d7858684c898d1e98c1bb at Holy Shmoly!
What is the significance of “20f1aeb7819d7858684c898d1e98c1bb”? It’s the MD5 hash of the name “Anthony” and was the password used by someone who broke into

You know you're crazy when…


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The Warning Signs Of InSaNiTy

1. Your friends tell you that you have been acting strange lately, and
then you hit them several times with a sledgehammer.
2. Everyone you meet appears to have tentacles growing out of places that
you wouldn’t expect tentacles to be growing from.
3. You start out each morning with a 30-minute jog around the bathroom.
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Yet another reason to switch to Mac


Or at least switch to Firefox for your browser.

Latest Microsoft Patches causing wide spread problems.:

Ever since the security updates rolled out by microsoft this week i’ve been getting wide spread reports of problems on my site and other sites.

When users attempt to reply to a message, or use the search on my site both of which are forms IE crashes and exits. I’ve talked to other dating site owners and the same thing is happening there. Anyone know whats going on? I assume the problem only effects a small fraction of 1% but when you’ve got hundreds of thousands of users that sure adds up fast.