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So we have just now come back from the Aventura Mall’s movie theaters, where we saw Burn After Reading. Buck and I are glad we saw the new Coen brothers movie before Peter had a chance to. Not sure that it’s one we want to see together with our son, but it was very funny.

The ending was a bit dirty and tangled, but we liked it. Want a spoiler? Wish I could give one. There are so many red herrings here, that the point of the movie seems actually to be the red herrings. And I mean that in a good way.

The plot is formed like this: one bad thing happens to one character (John Malkovitch‘s character, Oswald Cox, gets fired from a mid-level job in the CIA), and a myriad of events, mostly comedically tragic, happen to a whole host of otherwise unrelated characters.

There is a bit of a mess at the end, resolved hastily, with much nonchalance on the part of JK Simmons, whom y’all might know from The Closer and Law and Order. It could have been done more artfully, but that would have been tedious, and required about 60 more minutes of film.

Definitely worth the price of admission, and the hot-dog dinner that I had while watching it. I wish they served other things than hot-dogs in movie theaters, but that’s another post.


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