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I think to myself: It’d be great if I had more pictures on the blog.

(5 minutes passes)

I think to myself: Oh, I’d better get out the camera again.

When I entitled my last post “Now reading,” I meant it especially much. I am still reading it, almost exclusively out of the pile of my current reading.

What the Anticancer book giving me is a plan of living, post cancer, so as to minimize the possibility of a relapse. As Gail said in her response a bit further down, on “Cancer myths, and recovering,” this fear never really leaves one. It’s always somewhere in your head, buried, it is to be hoped, under many happier thoughts.

What I am doing: haven’t had meat since Tuesday (or was it Monday?), giving up sugar for agave nectar (delicious as honey or sugar, but with much lower glycemic index), trying to eat more plain fresh fruit and dried figs. One can have real sugar, etc, but only as an occasional treat. Meat consumption must be much lower; I figure 0 is lower. And ramp up those Omega-3’s.

And that’s just for the physical side of it. Today, I start reading the chapter about the mental and emotional contributions to cancer.

Wish me luck!

Another era in my cat-blogging starts now, with Satchel attempting to steal my breakfast apple turnover. I thought he’d go for the raspberries first, but that’s more Newton’s style. Satchel loves the carbs.

Pictures will appear if I can get my camera.

Via… Community: kim_eng’s Blog
I am a hole in a flute
that the Christ’s breath moves through.
Listen to this music.

The night outside is ringing like a bell, thanks to the grasshoppers and crickets. The night air is warmer than I am used to it, or have been used to it in past summers.

The sun is down an hour earlier than it had been down at the height of summer, when I was still thawing out from this very cold past spring, when I never thought I’d be warm again, when I had pneumonia without even knowing it. Now I am warm again, and I have my windows open for the warmth. And the sounds.

I’d turn on the air conditioner, just to keep everything in the house from smelling of mildew, but I can’t quite bring myself to doing that just yet.


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