white pebble

I am in here.

[picture taken while waiting for the taxi to arrive] An extremely uneventful flight to Cincinnati from Denver. It takes a journey back home for us to encounter snow. The fluffy snow in the driveway makes me cold by default, even though the house is at its usual comfortable temperature. The animals were overjoyed to see […]

Even though I can’t use it for its main purpose, my iPhone has gotten much use here in London for its picture-taking capabilities. [Aside -- it can also be used to play Angry Birds with on the Underground, but that wasn't me -- that was the guy sitting next to me. Honest!]

So here we are in the middle of Kansas, in June when it’s a green place, and not an endless expanse of brown, cold fields. It makes a change in the traveling attitudes: no existential scream begging to be torn from my chest makes me a much happier passenger. One thing I’m noticing: there are […]


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