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Window tree

April 19, 2014

Flowering tree

Finally stopped gawking at the spring blooms long enough to remember that I have a camera in my phone.

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  Annoyingly wet Spring morning, only two days into the season. The trees on the horizon look ever so slightly thicker in their bareness: the sap and the buds doing their stuff, just invisible to us yet, “us” being the largely untrained (okay, I’ve had some ornithology training by people who were just as happy […]

I have very recently looked at the back yard garden strip, which is just beyond our back driveway, hidden usually from our view by the wall holding up the back driveway. The strip of ground is full of nettles, the parts of it that aren’t inhabited by our neat row of ex-Christmas trees, which seem […]

I must start out this blog post by admitting a thing that might make me either very popular here in Cincinnati, or, possibly, unpopular: we have electrical power at our house. Ever since Monday’s infamous “deluge” by the remnants of hurricane Ike, with huge windstorms and much power outage, the most common question around here […]


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