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From a daily non-fiction letter that I get every day, a frightening list of conflicts. “As Scientific American said in September 1998, ‘Many of the world’s problems stem from the fact that it has 5,000 ethnic groups but only 190 countries.’ … via delanceyplace.com 7/21/10 – ethnic differences.

Via Notebookism: Review: Field Notes Brand Pocket Notebook: Breck shared his opinions of the Field Notes: “You can see for yourself below how much pride of provenance DDC/CP take in their product. When manufacturers put this all out there, you know they believe in what they’re doing. Sometimes the product is still junk (I’m looking […]

I don’t know what made the producers of Cuil (no link on purpose) think they could be a “Google-killer,” but they neglected the part wherein their product actually has to work. This morning, I tried searching on “esophageal cancer” to see what it would turn up. I got lists of “links” in certain categories; the […]


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