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I have finished Mary Karr‘s Lit, minutes before Sally and Other Patti came over for our usual Movie Night. I usually don’t use the word “harrowing” when talking about — well, anything — but that is an adequate adjective here. There is probably a better adjective, but I cannot come up with one on the spur of the moment.

I loved the book. It also exhausted me. Her dealing with her own demons got a few of mine to waken a small bit. However, I would read the book again in a second if I did not already have her first memoir, The Liar’s Club, winging its way to me from Amazon, and MK’s friend and mentor’s book — Tobias Wolff‘s This Boy’s Life — sitting on the table next to me, about to be pounced on in turn.

Much autobiographical introspection: what can drag you out of yourself better than that?

Go look it up and help them celebrate!

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Librarian asks why I even bothered with Cuil, when Google is so splendid. He’s right: this is the electronic world, and either service is equally close or handy or convenient. What matters is simply which one works best, and the vote here has to go to Google, because, as I found, Cuil doesn’t even work.

One other good service (I assume it’s good, but I can’t use it yet) that Librarian mentions is their new browser, Chrome. Right now, it’s a Windows-only program, and I can’t run it on the Mac. I hope that this is corrected soon. Firefox and Safari are both excellent on the Mac, but one more browser into the mix is always welcome.

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So that explains about the food… – Experts to Probe Mysterious ‘Little Green Man’ Lights Seen Over London – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News
UFO experts in England Thursday called for a probe into this summer’s “Little Green Man” sightings — as one was spotted above a TESCO supermarket.

Plus, That’s Not the National Bird of Guam

Lady #1: This crossword puzzle is hard. Look at this one.
Lady #2: Mmmhmm. Well, you misspelled “dumb” right there.
Lady #1: Oh my god!

–LaGuardia Airport
via Overheard in New York, Aug 25, 2008


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