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In which I have demonstrated the concept of “theme whiplash”

You might have noticed (hard to avoid it) my many theme changes so far since I moved this blog here to about a month ago. I always love hunting for themes, but have gone back now to the 2010 default theme, which seems to me to be the best one of all so far. The previous theme, Koi, was lovely and all, but the orange-y background was beginning to piss me off.

Maybe in another lifetime I will get around to sticking with one specific graphical presence, but not now.

All these themes: it’s like having a hundred different pairs of shoes to try — you can’t just choose one.

Google and its products

Librarian asks why I even bothered with Cuil, when Google is so splendid. He’s right: this is the electronic world, and either service is equally close or handy or convenient. What matters is simply which one works best, and the vote here has to go to Google, because, as I found, Cuil doesn’t even work.

One other good service (I assume it’s good, but I can’t use it yet) that Librarian mentions is their new browser, Chrome. Right now, it’s a Windows-only program, and I can’t run it on the Mac. I hope that this is corrected soon. Firefox and Safari are both excellent on the Mac, but one more browser into the mix is always welcome.

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Vacation from online

I changed the template, then vanished for three days. Sound logical? Well, I think it does at any rate. I’m favoring this template right now over the one that has been here simply because it uses Matt’s “asides” technique, which I’d love to use on the previous template but it wasn’t in there, and I was too timid to add it.

I figure that if a piece of code works, don’t mess with it. I learned this long ago, in a time far away. Or was that “planet far away?” I forget. But you get the idea. I’ll live with this a few days, and see which is the lesser evil: new template, or hacking the old.

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-24

  • good morning while the trees are still in shadow #
  • @tradingnothing: they must be singularly without a sense of humor #
  • @andrewhyde: Morning back at ya #
  • More passive-aggressiveness oozing through the cracks of society… #
  • what to do?… when you can do anything. #
  • What more can you want than 4 pieces of tuna sushi for dinner? Nothing. Not even room for dessert. #

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