November is here

November is not only here, it is in full force. No more fruit on the side for my lunch — green salad.

Definitely a first-world problem.

In which I explore central Colorado

At the Crane Hollow Café in Hygiene, Colorado. According to Buck, this is a sort of suburb to Longmont, which is itself a sort of suburb to Boulder, which is a sort of suburb to Denver.

I hope I don’t get lost in all that suburban sprawl.

12:37 PM

Am making a renewed assault on Proust. Yes, I’m still on Du Coté Chez Swann. You can only mock it if you’ve already finished the book.

Snow morning

Snow finally here, though not very much of it. Will try to get pictures later.

#OWS 8:46 AM

Things to #remember today:

  1. Remember to do my work well, and same for my Pilates
  2. Don’t buy any more sugar-free jam

Now listening to…

Neroli (album)
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Brian Eno, Neroli.