At Saxy’s

Cover of "Astral Weeks"

Cover of Astral Weeks

Musical relief: I am sitting in Saxy’s Café here in Boulder, with Van Morrison‘s Astral Weeks album playing over the sound system.

Why this is relief: at home, I either go to Starbuck’s, which plays Bob Marley unfailingly at this time of day. The other café I go to has a sound system set so low that I can never tell what is playing. I love Bob Marley, but not every day.

I love a bit of variety now and then.

Dark Friday morning

Writing now to get the blood flowing to my fingers, and the creative activity started in my brain. This is something that has to be done consciously on a deep gray Friday morning such as this. If I let it go for much longer, I will turn as gray as the weather quite quickly.