Month: October 2003

where I go in my dreams

ephemera 2003

Last night, I entertained myself thorougly by trying to start a fire (in the fireplace) with the damp wood I found on sale at Wild Oats when I went to get dinner items. I have been way too lazy to order a half a cord, so I must subsist on cheap wood that is damp. I actually coaxed it to burn for a while. Since I had no proper lighter, newspapers, and/or fatwood sticks, I […]

new place to go


Don’t know why I didn’t find Meryl Yourish’s blog before, but perhaps it’s one of those delayed fate things. I would have felt so much better after finding the Easterblogg bit of hatred if I’d found her blog as well. Maybe the universe just needs me to stop cranking so it can let me find the stuff I need. So, reading her blog, I found this following. She states things so very properly.. The casual […]


my poetry

The poetry has been slow in coming lately. I treat it as an entity apart from myself. That way, I can tell myself that it’s in no way my own fault if I write nothing. I have (unconsciously? semiconsciously?) created a world where I am not at fault for not doing that which I can do best. Nobody tells you how to be a poet, though. (Like that’s an excuse.) In poetry classes, they don’t […]

right direction


So maybe this is where we should be going.. EFF on MIT’s LAMP Music System“The students get access to a broad array of music, and the copyright owners get paid. This is where we should all be heading,” said Fred von Lohmann, EFF senior staff attorney. [EFF: Press]

tracing the roots


The Easterbrook blog’s existence alerted me to all the antisemitism which is online. So I am making an effort to dig up antisemitic tidbits, with the hope that, if I join the others doing so, this will help slow antisemitism down. This article has a peek at the roots. Antiglobalism¬ís Jewish Problem (November/December 2003) Anti-Semitism is again on the rise. Why now? Blame the backlash against globalization. As public anxiety grows over lost jobs, shaky […]