I like this picture… not sure why. Quite rhythmic. Wall artStencils on the wall outside Smash City Records on Newbury Street:… [Boston Common]

right direction

So maybe this is where we should be going.. EFF on MIT’s LAMP Music System“The students get access to a broad array of music, and the copyright owners get paid. This is where we should all be heading,” said Fred von Lohmann, EFF senior staff attorney. [EFF: Press]

tracing the roots

The Easterbrook blog’s existence alerted me to all the antisemitism which is online. So I am making an effort to dig up antisemitic tidbits, with the hope that, if I join the others doing so, this will help slow antisemitism down. This article has a peek at the roots. Antiglobalism¬ís Jewish Problem (November/December 2003) Anti-Semitism Continue reading tracing the roots

Worth looking into

Philip Levine is one of my favorite poets. I’ve seen him recite, and he gets my seal of approval. He doesn’t intone mightily, which I can’t abide. He has a style that’s simple, at least on the surface. Philip LevineThe 2nd in our new series of contemporary poet profiles, brief reference pages where you can Continue reading Worth looking into