The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: watched just now on PPV. I could have done it much better of course. Hey, I’m supposed to say that in a blog! I love adventure movies. The production design was excellent, but some of the special effects were awry. The Nautilus just won’t fit underneath the Bridge of Sighs Continue reading LXG

Hutton Report

The Hutton Report on the death of Dr. David Kelly came out a few days back in England, but I haven’t the stamina to read the entire thing. Following is a summary of the report, from the BBC. Its link is here.

when afternoons return

My son now knows why we don’t leave the garage door open all night when the temperatures are below zero. Iggy the plumber is still downstairs with the pipes. We get our afternoons back: there is still sunset, and it is past six o’clock.


big brother Bruce Schneier: “Rarely do we discuss how little identification has to do with security, and how broad surveillance of everyone doesn’t really prevent terrorism.” [Adam Curry: Adam Curry’s Weblog]