Month: February 2004



from quotes of the day – Now one may ask, “What is mathematics doing in a physics lecture?” We have several possible excuses: first, of course, mathematics is an important tool, but that would only excuse us for giving the formula in two minutes. On the other hand, in theoretical physics we discover that all our laws can be written in mathematical form; and that this has a certain simplicity and beauty about it. […]

A Modest Proposal

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(and yes, you get a pat on the back if you know where I got the title from) (good thing that literature has gotten me used to a healthy dose of irony, ain’t it?) Sen. Kerry may be on to something here. I mean, it would solve the abortion problem right quick. Found over at ScrappleFace: During last night’s Democrat presidential debate, Sen. John Forbes Kerry tried to connect with his “base” by declaring that […]



Let the world pass in its time-ridden race; never get caught in its snare. Remember, the only acceptable case for being in any particular place is having no business there. — Piet Hein

Next Tuesday

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In a very few days is the Ohio addition to the primary vote tally. I don’t want to think about it, because I hate thinking about politics and the evil it’s done to people I love. But I have plans for that day. I’m gonna declare myself a Democrat. “So..?” you say. However, I live in Cincinnati. That’s in Hamilton County, Ohio. This county has the third most powerful Republican organization (of which my husband […]

My own cliché

ephemera 2004

Somebody once told me that the last people who were fair game for being badmouthed were those of us who are not morning people. I work best at night, and now that my son is old enough to drive himself to school (hey, he says he goes there), I don’t have to be up at the stroke of dawn every morning. And I am surrounded by choruses of “I get so much work done before […]



O littleblood, hiding from the mountains in the mountains Wounded by stars and leaking shadow Eating the medicinal earth. O littleblood, little boneless little skinless Ploughing with a linnet’s carcase Reaping the wind and threshing the stones. O littleblood, drumming in a cow’s skull Dancing with a gnat’s feet With an elephant’s nose with a crocodile’s tail. Grown so wise grown so terrible Sucking death’s mouldy tits. Sit on my finger, sing in my ear, […]