Why we went to war, from EditorandPublisher.com: © Jerome Delay, The Associated Press Hundreds of Iraqis storm out of notorious Abu Ghraib prison north of Baghdad, following their unexpected release. (click to see bigger picture) (This picture won E&P’s Photo of the Year contest.)

What goes around, comes around

Terrorist leader responsible for last Thursday’s Jerusalem suicide bombing killed in Bethlehem – 2-Feb-2004 During a joint IDF-ISA operation in the Aida refugee camp in the Bethlehem district today (Monday), February 2, 2004, Bethlehem area Izadin al-Kassam leader Muhammad Abu Ouda was killed. According to intelligence assessments, Abu Ouda was behind last Thursday’s suicide attack Continue reading What goes around, comes around


February is built for slowness, I think. All the fun winter holidays are over, and we are way past the newness of snow and cold weather. In fact, it wears on us. We have seen it. We want other colors now! I read the Tale of Genji, by Murasaki Shikibu. 1100 years ago, in the Continue reading Slowness