Month: March 2004

Back to the older tools?


My friend Ruben sent me this link. You have to click on it to see how the test turned out. From קצה – RIM – Ami Ben-Bassat’s Blog Is the bandwidth of broadband (ADSL) wider then the wingspan of a pigeon?  A few days ago, an experiment took place near the Sea of Galilee, attempting to confront two technologies: ADSL vs. pigeons’ enabled wireless  technology. During the experiment, 3 pigeons carried 4 GB (gigabytes) achieving what […]

A day of work

electronic life

Tech Tool Pro 4 arrived in the mail yesterday, so I have spent the day applying the programs contained within. I’m getting an allocation error after setting up their eDrive emergency bootup sector, and waiting to hear back from them what to do about it. At the same time, I watch a Science Channel show about the great black hole at the center of the Milky Way, and how it will eventually devour everything… Ominous. […]

Quote from Phyllis Chesler


Today, what’s new about anti-Semitism is its extraordinary global reach. Jew hatred is being mass-produced. The Internet, films, and the media have the power to circulate these virulent opinions around the globe, 24/7. The most illiterate of peoples have “seen” the Israelis commit a “massacre” in Jenin, something Israelis did not do — even the United Nations finally admitted this. But no matter: A false picture is more powerful than a thousand words. What’s new […]

Pizza dinner

ephemera 2004

Was going to apologize for the tremendous size of the “My Cat Jeoffry” poem, but I refuse. It’s great. If it’s also long, so what? I didn’t get a picture of the cats up in time for the Carnival of the Cats, so I put this up instead. I’ve no doubt that Jeoffry was the equal of any of my cats. Pizza is not dinner. Okay, it is. Mother would not have thought it a […]