Month: April 2004

Technology and my morning

ephemera 2004

While I wake up, I watch a special on the History Channel about Chief Inspector Walter Dew, the first person to catch a criminal with the help of modern technology. “Technology” doesn’t seem like a word for something that would have a history. But a thing called a “Marconi wireless” was once cutting edge. Doubt there’s one outside of a museum here and there, though. Fluffy the Laptop is almost a year old… will be […]

I guess this is why we have spam.

electronic life

NEWS of the WEIRD – Current News A 73-year-old retired electronics specialist sat for a long interview in December in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, patiently explaining that the $300,000 nest egg he had just lost on a familiar Nigerian scam was really the fault of “corrupt governments” and not the dishonesty of his Nigerian “friends” who had no choice but to ask him to pay ever-escalating investment amounts. The man repeatedly insisted that his “friends” […]

Elie Wiesel in Israpundit


(NB: Elie Wiesel is one of my personal idols) Israel news and commentary from IsraPundit Talks on anti-Semitism weigh criticism of Israel Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, who is Jewish, addressed it. German President Johannes Rau talked about it. So did Secretary of State Colin L. Powell. “Logically, I should associate with the Palestinian people,” Wiesel said at a conference of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. “But I cannot.” He added that while […]


books / ephemera 2004

So where is the energy I am supposed to get with springtime? Or am I not supposed to get any? I can’t remember. But the fact is, I have none. I want to sleep all day, especially if the morning is chilly like today’s was. Doesn’t help that Beeper woke up at about 2 a.m. and decided that it was time for us to get up and Feed The Cat. The humans didn’t see it […]

qotd 2

Judaism / qotd

You don’t learn by having faith. You learn by questioning, by challenging, by re-examining everything you’ve ever believed. And yet, all this is a matter of faith — the faith that there is a truth to be found. It is another paradox: To truly question, you must truly have faith. — Chabad rebbe