Month: June 2004

Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion – Metaweb

Natural world

Further erudition. Both of these laws were first stated in Astronomia Nova. Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion – Metaweb Kepler’s First Law (1609): The orbit, of a planet about a star, is an ellipse with the star at one focus. There is no object at the other focus of a planet’s orbit. The semimajor axis, a, is the average distance between the planet and its star. Kepler’s Second Law (1609): A line joining a planet […]

Kepler, looked at again

Natural world

How am I supposed to think about my heroes? Hero: Johannes Kepler. Developer of the three laws of planetary motion. And even more important, discoverer of the real scientific method. Been interested in him ever since I did a paper in History of Math class about the development of methods of solutions for Kepler’s Equation: , from his book, Astronomia Nova. He was not a fun guy, being overly religious, moody, cranky, and a really […]

Kosher restaurants in strange places

ephemera 2004 / travel

I travel again starting a week from tomorrow. And I’m only now beginning to feel normal after the last batch of jet lag! I sit at a coffee-house with wifi (Awakenings, not my usual one), and research the possible existence of kosher restaurants in Barcelona. Spain. If anyone happens to know of such a thing, leave a comment. If anyone has any other advice, leave a comment! Heck, leave comments! 🙂

Which witticism do I use here?!

Current Affairs / Weblogs

Seen in IT’S NOT JUST THE LETTER I MENTIONED YESTERDAY: Ralph Nader is publicly calling for an intervention regarding Michael Moore’s weight: “I’ve been at him for years, saying ‘you’ve got to lose weight,’ ” Nader said in the phone interview. “Now, he’s doubled. Private exhortations aren’t working. It’s extremely serious. He’s over 300 pounds. He’s like a giant beach ball.” He’s unhappy with his politics, too.


ephemera 2004

Don’t have much to add for today. The big event was going to Sen. Mike’s house for the yearly ice cream social that he and Fran (aka Mrs. Sen. Mike) give each year for however many Ohio voters can get there. Fran and her Mom and friends actually themselves make all the pies served. Ate pie and brownies. And ice cream and iced tea. Listened to Sen. Mike’s short speech and watched him referee a […]

Something to think about…

Current Affairs

For this morning, a tidbit of info to ponder. From Israpundit: The Saudi royals, al-Qaida and Israel: Al-Qa’idah was created with funds directly coming from the House of Saud, and Prince Turki, former head of Saudi intelligence and the real founder of al-Qa’idah, is today’s Saudi Ambassador to Britain.