Month: October 2004



Tomorrow, I start diligently to work on my project for this year’s nanowrimo. I am expecting to be cheered along, especially the Other Patti who shows up not only in comments here, but in my house on a regular basis! Blindly writing notes about things I already know. I hope that this will lead to (blindly) writing notes about things I don’t know yet. So, here’s hoping I make it to 50,000 words by November […]

Now why didn't I think of this?

Current Affairs

The Resplendent Mango: 10/01/2004 – 10/31/2004 Bring Back The Draft What? Bring back the draft? NOOOOOOO!!!! Calm down — I think we should change it first… I want to draft John Kerry. He claims to know where Osama is and how to get him, and he said he’d go after him like he did the gooks in Nam, so let’s take him up on it. Let’s draft Wes Clark too. He seems to know as […]

A ponderable

Current Affairs / Judaism

Jewish Ethics and Arafat’s HealthMy 9th grade daughter had an interesting discussion today in her school in Israel. Judaism says not to wish death on anyone. So is it wrong for Israelis today to be happy at the thought that Arafat may be dying?… [Judaism]