Interesting assessment

Captain’s Quarters In one of the more unusual analyses of this presidential campaign, The Hill published a prediction of victory by George Bush in today’s race. That may not sound unusual, but when the pundit making the prediction turns out to be John Kerry’s chief pollster Mark Mellman, it raises a few eyebrows….

Voting today

Going to head out in a sec to vote. I’m voting in Ohio, and suddenly, I feel the eyes of the world on me, or at least the eyes of the CNN reporters. I’m watching one give a live report from up in Canton now. Hope I get to vote in peace.


The Other Patti is encouraging me with food, three kinds of pens, some pencils, a notebook, index cards, and energy drinks 🙂 Thanks, Other Patti! I might actually make it through this 50K words’ worth of novel. Hmmm… “words’ worth”… “wordsworth”… Wordsworth… No, no novels there. Just really long poems and really good sonnets.