Month: January 2005



It is my job in life to travel all roads, so that some may take the road less travelled, and others the road more travelled, and all have a pleasant day. — Larry Wall

Murder mysteries tonight

art, etc.

I spend my evening watching mysteries on television — Poirot, preceded by another Poirot, and a Sherlock Holmes. I spent my afternoon working on my mystery book (work left over from the last nanowrimo contest, but not abandoned by any means). What is it about murder mysteries that fascinates me so (me and many others)? I think they are our modern equivalent of the old morality plays put on by the troupes traveling from village […]

Antisemitism in a new guise: "Playing the Holocaust Card"


via Jewlicious » Holocaust Card! Is this guy off his rocker? Jewish Blog and stuff I hate it when people refer to claims about antisemitism as “playing the Holocaust card.” Do they mean that the Holocaust didn’t happen and didn’t begin with a small group of fervent antisemites speaking out publicly against Jews? Or do they mean that this is merely a “strategy” used by Jews to improve their current circumstances using the graves of […]