Month: February 2005

The saga of the boiler


My husband loves his boiler. I’m sorry — you young folks don’t know that that’s what we old Midwestern chicks call our furnaces. (They work through steam — they boil water… Get it?) Alright, where was I? My husband loves his boiler. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t understand it. It doesn’t matter what instructions and tips that the installers and maintainers of it have given me throughout the years. What matters is what he […]

Good news from the Middle East

Current Affairs

Passed on from the nice guys at PowerLine… Power Line: February 2005 Archives Lebanese Government Resigns Things are happening so fast in the Middle East that it’s hard to stay on top of events. This morning the government of Lebanon, which has generally been regarded as pro-Syria, resigned. . . . . . . . . . It seems that Middle Easterners may not be so different from everyone else after all: when they see […]

Spam. Dealing with.

electronic life / Ephemera

I’d very much like to thank Sparkle for helping me debug my site. She doesn’t know she helped yet (until she reads this, that is)… She wrote a comment to the previous posting, and in answering that, I found that my wonderful comment spam killer actually killed my own comment. Rapid switch to new comment spam killer, which lets me comment on my own blog. Fancy that!

Day by Day, up again


With all the redesign of the site necessitated by the upgrade to WordPress 1.5, Day by Day got lost in the shuffle. I was worried that, with the Kubrick style I seem to have settled upon, it would take up too much headspace if it was up at the top as it was before. Well, let’s give it a try. What do you think? How does it look? Sorry, it just takes up too much […]

In Memoriam

electronic life

Fluffy the Laptop is in mourning today. Macintosh computer creator Raskin dead at 61 SAN JOSE, Calif. The man behind the Mac is dead. Jef Raskin, who conceived Apple Computer’s groundbreaking Macintosh but left the company before it came out, was 61. His family says Raskin died Saturday night at his home in Pacifica, California. In December, he told friends he had pancreatic cancer. Raskin joined Apple in 1978. A year later he had an […]

The Office


Just sat through two episodes of The Office with Peter before he went to bed. The complete set of the series was one of my birthday presents to him a couple of days ago. I hadn’t really watched it for any length of time before this, but the thing is a work of genius. I especially like Ricky Gervais, who plays David Brent — it is incredibly hard to create such an irritating character. The […]