Month: March 2005

In which I sense the future forming

electronic life

XDI.ORG – An explanation of i-names The success of the Internet has led to an explosion of different electronic addresses: email, SMS/MMS, instant messaging, etc. As powerful and convenient as these addresses are, they all have one serious flaw: they are extremely hard to protect from spam, viruses, worms, and other security and privacy violations. A new type of address has been developed to solve this problem. Called an i-name, it is the first universal […]

Odd way of showing it

Current Affairs

‘America Is Sticking Its Hands Into Boiling Oil’ America does not know that Islam honors women and their situation in the loftiest way possible. And it gives them rights and advantages that American and European woman have yet to achieve. This must be why they burn, beat, rape, stone, assault, and murder them so much all of the time. Who knew? 👿

qotd 2


I learned to distrust all physical concepts as the basis for a theory. Instead one should put one’s trust in a mathematical scheme, even if the scheme does not appear at first sight to be connected with physics. One should concentrate on getting interesting mathematics. Now when Heisenberg noticed that, he was really scared. — Paul Dirac



Far better an approximate answer to the right question, which is often vague, than the exact answer to the wrong question, which can always be made precise. — John Tukey

Just when you thought it was safe


The Ohio governor’s race starts rearing its ugly head. Again, I get to live in an electoral fishbowl. :sonar: Pandagon: By The Power Of Blackness, I Have The Power Cultural conservatives are gearing up for a fight in Ohio, and they’re going to try to get Ken Blackwell to be their leader for the ’06 governor’s race.