Month: September 2005

I love the Supreme Court

Current Affairs

I wonder if Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. ever had these problems… Nibbly Things: John Roberts, Anna Nicole Smith. Anna Nicole Smith, John Roberts.: John Roberts has taken the oath and is now the youngest Supreme Court Chief Justice ever. This means that he’ll get to meet Anna Nicole Smith. Although, I think she would have preferred meeting the late William H. Rehnquist. [AP]

For you Mac people

electronic life

You know who you are. It took me a moment looking at the screenshot over at VersionTracker to see what the differences between this Macintosh theme and the regular Tiger Aqua interface are, but as soon as I did, I installed. UNO 1.1 – VersionTracker:: On an higher level, UNO’s main goal is to enhance aqua interface consistence, by making all elements look and feel as one. Specifically, it gives all your windows the new […]

Trivia, or otherwise


Overwhelmed yesterday by the concept that my life was too trivial to write about daily. Do you really want to hear about my trip to bigg’s to get food? Well, maybe you do if you work there in customer research. Nevermind. Blog-haters just have to deal with the fact that I got over this. Other Patti was over here last night for dinner — Buck was out of town to go see Senator Mike. We […]

A post about Cindy Sheehan… (Blogger gets her ducks in a row, etc.)

Current Affairs

I need to reprint this, with its link… Friends whom I deeply love are supporters of Cindy. And I need to prove I’m not just blowing smoke, as they say… Cindy Sheehan: Hurricane Rita was ‘Just a Little Wind and Rain’: Anti-war protest mom Cindy Sheehan turned green with envy on Saturday as the cable networks and the rest of America ignored the Sheehan crowd and concentrated on Hurricane Rita, the Category 3 storm that […]