Month: November 2005

from the "Hunh?" files…

Current Affairs

I love watching the little weasels slide ever so slowly off the deep end… Simon Jenkins, whom CoR quotes, is starting to hallucinate, I believe, and will soon start reporting about George W. Bush riding at the head of an army of pink elephants down the streets of Baghdad…. via The COLOSSUS OF RHODEY: Bush: Ordered bombing as governor: Amazing how President Clinton agreed to allow Texas Governor George W. Bush do such a thing, […]

so I wake to a breath of snow


So I wake to a breath of snow — not a covering, by any means. This, of course, gives me a good reason to hide inside and write. Write. About what? About the snow, of course. My morning tea is cold and the room is cold. Hot tea here is possible, but I must move elsewhere, even if it is just up the street. Playing: Atlas Eclipticalis & Winter Music: Part II from the album […]