Month: February 2006

[goose song]

my poetry

The shape of your void determines your form. I had heard the geese sing all morning — and my first choice was to be with them. Their door was shut but there was another door, and the warm wind. My void is shaped like goose song.

Kabbalah bracelets: truth concerning


Via… Threadbare: The good news is that there is a clear and early source that mentions tying a red string to ward off an “evil eye” and that is in the Tosefta, an early Talmudic work (Shabbat, ch. 7-8). The bad news is that it clearly states that tying a red string around oneself is severely prohibited. It is characterized as “Darchei Emori,” a worthless, superstitious practice, close to idol-worship.

still under my skin


Something’s still bothering me from my visit to South Beach last week: Gianni Versace — not the fact that he lived in South Beach, but that he died there. Not even that… simply, the after effects. It’s been almost ten years, folks. Must we hang out there, dear tourists, and have the locals snap pictures of us standing on the very steps that he bled out upon? The rest of South Beach I can take. […]