Dialogue with my son

I am gathering my books together this evening, about to head out for my Introduction to Judaism class, which I’m taking in preparation for my conversion. Peter, who’s home for a few days, wonders what I’m up to. Me: I’m going to my conversion class. Peter: Why can’t you learn something cool, like Islam? Me: Continue reading Dialogue with my son

I hate living in Cincinnati

White Separatist’s TV Show Changes Channels, Timeslots – ChannelCincinnati.com – MSNBC.com: ChannelCincinnati.com6:05 p.m. EST February 22, 2006A public access TV program has been moved from primetime to midnight after News 5 reported on the white supremacist agenda that its host was advocating. Insight Communications carried Robert Ransdell’s show on one of its cable channels in Continue reading I hate living in Cincinnati

American Idol pick

I just turned into a Mandisa fan. Now, I can’t figure out how to use the text thingy on my phone… 😡 Technorati Tags: American Idol, /Mandisa