Month: March 2006

Canada leads the way


Canada is being rather visionary here, and I send a great shout of congratulations in a general northerly direction. I am glad that there is one Western country that is able to take a stand, and not deal in this mealy-mouthed neo-Nazi type of moral equivalence that so many Democrats in this country deal in. Canada Cuts Ties to Palestinian Authority » Outside The Beltway | OTB: Canada has severed diplomatic relations with the Palestinian […]

I start again


I am beginning to think writing isn’t so much of a process as a series of beginnings, all strung together. What does this mean? It means (hey, Shirl, pay attention!) that I’ve started writing my alleged book again.

Life is good

Ephemera / Film

Peter and Buck and Sophia the Dog are on the couch here in the TV room where we’re finishing watching “Terminal” with Tom Hanks. I am watching Peter wrestle with Sophia the Dog — she’s biting her own tail — while the credits roll on the screen. He’s laughing. Life is good, you know?