Month: June 2006


art, etc. / Film / music

Just watched De-Lovely on the satellite. I’ve loved Cole Porter’s music since high school when I stayed at my friend Becky’s house a lot. Wonderful movie! I’m a sucker for all of those songs, as well as Kevin Kline and Jonathan Pryce‘s acting. Go look for it on your satellite…

electronic friends

electronic life

Me too… Crescat Sententia: June 27, 2006 Archives I’ve got digital friends. There, I said it. Rather than a shrinking of a circle of friends, the electronic world has helped me keep in touch with many, many real-world friends that otherwise I’d have lost touch with permanently. If this makes me a geek, so be it.

Sleepy weather


It’s sleepy weather here in New York — the skies keep being gray, and the rain never quite dries up. This is making me way too sleepy… Either that, or the cold I got on the plane here, and the resultant cold medicine effects. We went to the Museum of Natural History on Sunday, Buck and me and Peter and B, and saw many dinosaurs (the general favorite), and the Darwin exhibit, which I wanted […]

The Daily Brother Report


Other Patti just called to cheer my morning with an update on one of her brothers’ lives (she has 11) (brothers, not lives). It seems that the youngest has gotten in a spot of trouble… He was picked up last night for drunken driving — on a bicycle! He’d finished off most of the 12-pack in the cooler slung over his shoulder, and ran a red light. I don’t know why this cheers me up, […]

One can only hope: Israel May Topple Hamas


Israel May Topple Hamas: Israel has vowed revenge if 20-year-old Israeli soldier Gilad Shavit, kidnapped by Palestianian terrorists of the Popular Resistance Committees, is not released. The Israelis may exact a huge price: “We will make sure that the Hamas government ceases to operate if the kidnapped soldier is not returned to us alive,” the source told AFP on condition of anonymity. Shavit was abducted Sunday from a remote military post near Gaza. Israeli troops […]