Month: July 2006

Moonbats on the run!

Current Affairs / terrorism

You gotta love it when they not only get a taste of their own medicine, but are forced to swallow a mouthful! The Big Pharaoh » Banned cleric begs UK: save me Now this is a classic. Hardline cleric Omar Bakri who is barred from Britain for inciting terrorism tried to get onboard of a British warship to flee Beirut but was turned back. Bakri who preached terror in Londistan London for so many years […]

Yet another definition of Anti-Semitism


Would have put this in the “Words of One Syllable” section, but the words I’m coming up with for this have more than one syllable… The Corner on National Review Online You Want to Know What Anti-Semitism Is? [John Podhoretz]When Pat Buchanan calls Israel’s military action “un-Christian,” that’s anti-Semitism.