Month: September 2006

How to cook. Yummy.


GURU: A person in T-shirt and sandals – Freebsd Fortunes 3: 2001 – 2010 of 2182 Hacker's Guide To Cooking: 2 pkg. cream cheese (the mushy white stuff in silver wrappings that doesn't really come from Philadelphia after all; anyway, about 16 oz.) 1 tsp. vanilla extract (which is more alcohol than vanilla and pretty strong so this part you *GOTTA* measure) 1/4 cup sugar (but honey works fine too) 8 oz. Cool Whip (the […]

The boxes on the table


Buck has put two boxes of my writings on the dining room table downstairs. I haven’t been down yet, not being a very morning sort of person, and my down-going may be delayed by the two mysterious boxes. Well, mostly by their content. You see, Buck, being a very loving husband, has collected every scrap of paper that I’ve written a poem on. Literally. I write on bits of paper sometimes. Whatever’s handiest. And Buck […]

Just watched


This just happened to insert itself into my (semi-)random nighttime viewing. I’ve loved it for years. It’s about the funniest movie containing a major subtext of alcohol and drug abuse that you can find out there. But it’s funny on many other tracks, too. (I’m just geared in to the alcohol abuse aspect of it right now.) And also on top of that, the film was the first for two men who went on to […]

Who we talk to (when we talk to the sky)


So I like waxing poetic every now and then! But the guest blogger at Jeff’s just happened, for no reason I can discern, to say what I feel most of the time. OK, all of the time. I just didn’t want to look too silly. A crack in the old space-time fabric [ahem] Perhaps I’m irrational, but I choose to believe that the universe is intelligent across all dimensions and across all points in time. […]