Month: August 2007

Twitter Updates for 2007-08-31

electronic life

babysitting my son’s puppy # is listening to "Endless Quest" by Enigma from "The Screen Behind the Mirror" # is listening to "(Exchange)" by Massive Attack from "Mezzanine" # is listening to "Hummingbirds" by Venus Hum from "Hummingbirds" # is listening to "Hummingbirds" by Venus Hum from "Hummingbirds" # is listening to "21st Century Poem" by Leftfield from "Leftism" # is listening to "Out There" by Paul Van Dyk from "The Politics Of Dancing (Disc […]

Twitter Updates for 2007-08-29

electronic life

watching "House." Not to mention, the boxed set of Season 3 just got itself deposited at my doorstep today # contemplating the rest of the day # too many list-making programs out there.. full time job just finding what list pgm to use, no time actually to use the list… # @jessamyn Cheering you on! I have to get around to that myself.. # hmmm… this is my 101st update…. is this worth cheering, or […]

We travel


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