Month: September 2007

I don't want to think about this!


I really hope that my husband doesn’t read this…Stuffocating Β« The Petri Project In harrowing news for the clutter-prone (ahem), the Boston Globe reports that a human chain of 14 firefighters pulled a Massachussetts man out of his clutter-filled house last week, where he had become trapped by β€œa mountain of debris.” According to the article, β€œit took paramedics more than 10 minutes to locate him amid the piles of furniture, boxes, magazines, appliances, and […]

Twitter Updates for 2007-09-26


time to upgrade wordpress… # i hate surprises during the upgrade process 😦 # I think I’ve killed wordpress… # Hah.. I managed NOT to kill wordpress. Still haven’t figured out why I didn’t kill it, but maybe I’ll just accept success at face value. # is listening to "Heaven Scent" by Bedrock from "Bedrock (Disc 2)" # is listening to "Words (For Love) (Original Mix)" by Paul Van Dyk from "Tranceport" # Powered […]