Month: December 2007

News from Pakistan

Current Affairs / terrorism

As I write, Fox News has reported on camera, if not online, that Benazir Bhutto is dead. I have been watching for just under an hour during which she has gone from having escaped from the bomb blast at her rally with no injuries, to having died in hospital of the injuries she had allegedly not received. The art department at Fox News has already got some basic portraits up with birth and death years […]

Christmas Day


If all went well, there should be a Christmas 2007 gallery up for you to see. As of now, it has only one picture in it: Satchel and Newton gazing at the world from under the tree. More to come…



Silver cleaning: much thereof. Also much of keeping of Chihuahuas out of the humans’ way. Chihuahuas are very helpful little critters. Do you know how dirty you and your kitchen can get while cleaning a boatload of silverware plus two very neglected candlesticks? You might never properly imagine the scope if I did tell you, so I won’t. Hope y’alls’ tomorrow is shaping up nicely.

Christmas goals


One thing that I unabashedly hate about the holidays is the eternal question: “Are you ready for Christmas?” I have never known what to answer. Invariably, I say something along the lines of “Oh, I never am,” never until the day actually starts. It seems self-defeating to me to work so hard at the big Christmas Machine that you cannot enjoy the day. I slave over hot computers instead, thinking self-contentedly about the nice, big […]

Interesting music


Just came across | The Official Community of Nitin Sawhney through Rhythmic Dissonance. There are lots of good-looking music sites there to try. The suggestions, I figure, must be good because Raj agrees with me on The Postal Service and Jack Johnson. You can’t get much better than that.

Down to the deadline


My menfolk have installed the Christmas tree (aka the Hanukkah Bush). They do it properly every time! What more can I ask? Then spent much of the rest of the evening doing non-technical things like sitting in front of the fireplace, eating ice cream. And showing Buck how to use YouTube. So, not too typical of a holiday scene, but there it goes.